Holly Argent is interested in finding ways of exploring and testing models of kinship.

Sometimes relations are speculative and imagined in the archive-space or manifested in concrete collaborations. They are curious about what searching for people, materials and narratives, particularly in libraries and archives, might demonstrate; an absence or lack in society, reappraisal, desire for intimacy, belonging, or community.

This work finds shape through activities including writing, performance-lectures, librarianship, video, sculpture, reading groups, screenings and publications.

Argent is Librarian to Women Artists of the North East Library (est. 2017). As an expansive artwork including a physical collection, public events programme and artist commissions, the library sets up contexts and perspectives for exploring artistic legacies of women and non-binary artists associated with region.

Interleaving the Archive (Group Action with KK) (2019)

Performance-lecture with acetates on OHP, live-feed video, audio and KwieKulik archival videos

Run time: 70 mins.

Presented for Projections at Tyneside Cinema (2019) and Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival 2019.

Photo: Erika Stevenson

Activities with Archives (Installation) (2021)

Four archival structures, table and various archival material

Dimensions variable.

Commissioned by Grand Union in response to their 10-year anniversary. Installation created alongside a publication ‘After the event: Activities with Archives, a handbook’ and workshops with Grand Union Community.

Grand Union, Birmingham, UK.

Photo: Stuart Whipps