Jennifer Douglas is an artist whose practice is rooted in sculpture, experimentation with materials, their characteristics and intricacies.

She explores the complexities they present formally and metaphorically when manipulated and re-presented. Reference to time is a constant thread, inherent to the materials selected and context in which the work is sited.

Drawn to materials which are obsolete or have a temporal, ephemeral quality, she has previously made work with newspaper ash, defunct lightbulbs, VHS tapes, carbon paper.

More recently she has worked with precious metal leaf, exploiting the way it changes, tarnishes and blemishes from its original luminous state to create active, anti-static, sculptural works and installations.

Jennifer Douglas has exhibited nationally and internationally, with work in collections including The Government Art Collection, Tyne and Wear Museums Collection, and Simmons and Simmons.

All tomorrow’s parties (2022)

Silver leaf on newspaper

28.5 x 34.5 cm.

Photo: Colin Davison

Entropic Paradise (2018)

Floor paint and silver leaf on canvas

120 x 150cm.

Photo: John Donoghue